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Your Path to Full Potential Daylong Retreat

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Daylong Women's Retreat

Sunday, October 14, 2018 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Ewing Cultural Center Bloomington, IL Cost: $120 Strictly limited to 10 participants

Your Path to Full Potential Retreat is a nourishing, transformative daylong retreat designed specifically for women who have worked hard to create meaningful, purposeful lives but who want to feel more deeply ALIVE : more in touch with your passions and more committed to them; more connected to your body and its innate wisdom; more intimate and less guarded in relationships; more empowered and less self-doubting/self-critical; and finally, more actualized when it comes to living a life of purpose and genuine service.

This retreat it for strong, capable, tender women who care about making real change in this world, and who know deep-down that engaging their own full potential is essential for realizing the work and love they are meant to experience and create in this lifetime.

The retreat takes place at the beautiful Ewing Cultural Center, and includes a delicious vegetarian lunch. In order to cultivate a strong sense of community and ensure the kind of individualized attention that sets my retreats apart, space is limited to 10.

Our day will include writing, reflecting, teaching, discussing, coaching, movement, time in nature, meditation, and creation. Your Path to Full Potential Retreats are nutritive and restorative, just as they stretch you in the best of ways to realize yourself most fully.

During our retreat I will teach you the 3 KEYS to engaging your FULL POTENTIAL. You will learn:

• How to overcome (and even welcome!) your fears with curiosity and confidence, so that you break out of old patterns (including addictions and shame-spirals) that have kept you stuck and defeated despite your best intentions.

• How to discover and claim what it is you really want, clearing out the dream-killing fog of confusion and indecision.

• How to take aligned action in service of your best, brightest, most radiant self, eliminating self-doubt and feelings of powerlessness.

To start, you will learn how to empower yourself in the face of your own fears. This teaching is especially crucial, as most of us fall short of our full potential not because we lack desire, but because we don't have the tools to overcome our own fears, fears that will always be provoked by touching upon what it is we really want. When you learn how to feel, rather than resist your fear, your life expands exponentially as you leave behind beliefs and habits that no longer serve you and replace them with ones that do. As you learn how to walk through your fear, anxiety and depression become far more manageable and often recede altogether as your replace them with newfound confidence and self-trust.

From here, I will teach you how to access and engage your most potent source of transformation: authentic desire. The opposite of attachment or craving, desire is the feeling of inspired aliveness that catalyzes your creativity, your capacity for loving connection with others, your resilience and problem-solving faculties, and that deep-belly sense of rightness and belonging that we often refer to as “purpose.” Desire is the gateway to joy, and joy is the conduit to your deepest passions and true gifts. As you tap your authentic desire, you will experience a surge in energy, clarity, and excitement, the fuel to your full potential.

I conclude our retreat by teaching you how to take action that is in alignment with your best, truest self. You'll learn how to shift from past-rumination to future-focus, and how to identify exactly the actions you need to take to get the results you want in your life: how to cultivate and sustain motivation when willpower flags; how to get out of overwhelm and exhaustion; and how to set and follow through with goals that leave you feeling deeply capable, energized, and empowered. You will wrap up your day by creating a manageable action plan to take with you, so that you can start implementing what you've learned right away and experience immediate benefits.

If you are interested, trust the voice urging you to attend this retreat. I guarantee that it will be life-changing in the best ways. It takes community and collaboration to live fully; we can't do it alone.

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